Openway SMS

Delivery Reports Facility

Statistics provide a thorough report on the delivery of SMS messages, with details of the status of delivery, time, cost, and number of parts. You can send bulk sms online and monitor

SMS-Excel Facility

Our SMS-Excel functionality is included in the Openway SMS Solution. You can upload MS Excel Spreadsheets and simply send personal customized SMS Text messages to all your customers.

Phone-book Facility

we provide Phone book facility to store all your can easily send bulk SMS to your contacts with out typing numbers.It's user-friendly and operate intuitive solutions


Openwaysms offers a wide range of options for the implementation of any marketing task. We ensure your message will be more secure, cost-effectiveness and small investments.

  • SMS with Business Name.
  • Sending thousands of SMS in within few seconds.
  • Schedule SMS.
  • User Login Full Web Portal
  • Upload Unlimited Contacts to Phonebook
  • Personalized SMS
  • Excel Sheet Upload to SMS Portal.
  • Any Network in Sri lanka