Openway ERP for Distribution Business Management

Openway Distribution Business Management

Openway Distribution Business Management helps Sri lankan all major distributing Agencies to streamline and run their entire business in software application.
Software gives your company customer-facing sales force automation, including quotes and orders, as well as marketing and customer service capabilities that link seamlessly with back-office inventory management, fulfillment and accounting.

One Software to Run Your Distribution Business

Distributors typically cobble together and juggle numerous business applications and spreadsheets to manage the intricacies of this complex industry. Now you can stop wasting precious resources managing multiple systems. Openway ERP is the one intelligent, integrated, customizable application to unify your business processes, increase visibility for better decision-making and extend collaborative processes to your customers and vendor partners.

One complete distribution lifecycle management system

Openway ERP manages all your end-to-end lifecycle business processes in one system: Market >
Sell > Order > Delivery > Bill > Cash Management to General Ledger > Maintain > Support >

Sophisticated Procurement, Inventory and fulfilment Management

Openway ERP saves distributors countless hours of work associated with data entry, organization and fulfillment. You can convert forecasts to orders, orders to delivery to revenue with unprecedented efficiency. Procurement, inventory and fulfillment management offers a complete set of capabilities that provide integrated supply chain management, while Openway ERP purchasing and vendor management capabilities help you reduce spending on goods and services, streamline procure-to-pay processes and ensure compliance with corporate policies.

Openway ERP Is the Most Customizable Distribution Business Management Solution

The Openway ERP philosophy is to support our customers in configuring their systems to meet their company profile without the need for costly IT and developer overhead. Openway ERP’s rich customization capabilities allow you to easily modify and maintain the solution.